Patrones 133? girl’s jumpsuit

It’s a real challenge to make something for my niece without a chance to fit at all. My parents went to the US to visit my brother and his family, so I decided to make a little jumpsuit out of a lovely all silk embroidered yellow scarf.

I knew it would be to loosely woven and delicate for a little, active girls’ garment. But I decided to go ahead since I wanted to try something new, and I hadn’t found a better destination for this beautiful silk scarf since it was kindly given to me.

I topstitched with the same bright pink colour I used for the strap. I thought it would be a little nice detail to use that same tread for the shirring. It worked out nicely, especially since it was my first time in doing so. I made all French seams on this one to make it hold out a little longer hopefully. I used all different colour buttons, just for fun. Since I hadn’t time to sew these on, my mum kindly did that for me.

Because of the nature of the fabric, I couldn’t make buttonholes without running the risk of the fabric completely decomposing in front of my eyes. I should a fused some interfacing on that, but didn’t think of it, and after the immense puzzle of that lapel? Is that what it called in English?, I wanted to keep things as they were so the buttons are just sewn on.








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