Burda 5-2008-125 sleeveless dress

What inspired me to start making this dress was the comment from The Selfish Seamstress about it. She stated on her blog she doesn’t understand why this pattern doesn’t have a cult following. The idea of a pattern deserving a cult following completely took me by surprise! Wow! Some pattern that must be. Especially coming from her Selfish Highness, whom I esteem greatly from a transatlantic distance.

So here is the result. I love the colour of the fabric and I like the way the drapery bits turned out. When I tried to press it however, it was able to withstand any type of heat and steam. No pressing possible. The lining, which I also tried to press, melted. So I quickly stopped doing that. I have so much to learn when it comes to fabric shopping. It was of course not my intention to make a plastic dress. Ah well, if you won’t tell, I won’t either.

Because of these pressing issues and due to the fact I made a huge FBA, resulting in a very curvy princess seam, I am not super happy with the way the fabric sits at the bust. Also, you can imagine that the armholes and neckline, even with some nice under stitching, have some lining peaking issues.

Overall I’m happy with the dress and get lots of compliments. It came together fairly easy. Maybe, if I make it next time, I’ll pick nicer fabrics!




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