Burda dress 8-2009-124

So my love has gone skiing this week, which gives me the opportunity to shamelessly give in to my sewing urges. This will be the first project. I really like this version from a Russian seamstress. And i like what this lady did to the sleeves.Image

Right now i’m trying to make the FBA work, but i am not sure. This is what i have so far.FBA

Update 24-2-2013:

U finishes last week but since my sweetie wasn’t here to make pics, I asked a lady from the sewing club after trying done selfies as well. I am happy with that slight Danish design feel to it. I love the collar. Not to happy about how the zipper sits on the bum. Maybe I’ll be able to fix that, or maybe I’ll just forget about it. I also like the way I finished it with neon green on the inside. Bold choice that is bound to put a smile in my face every time I put it on. I considered top stitching the design lines with the green or maybe black or dark grey? Still not sure about that. Let me know your thoughts!










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