Vogue Kay Unger 1183

For the little white dress contest i’m dreaming to finish this dress. But i tell you, i don’t find it easy. Actually, almost never find sewing to be super easy. Then again, it’s true that i don’t usually pick “beginner proof” projects. I got inspired by this dress because of other people’s reviews and when i found the fabric, i knew this one was up next.

So, i already got some GREAT advise from my sewing fellas at Pattern Review regarding topstitching thread, interfacing, fabric choice, finishing, etc. Now i ran into a new problem. Following the instructions pretty much to the letter, proves to be a challenge. For example if you look at these instructions right here… How can i understitch if i already stitched (as  instructed in this very step) front opening and neck. I don’t get it! I’ll have to wait patiently now for the sewing queens to come to the rescue. Let’s hope they will!

Ok, so the advice, i short, was to turn to the right side and stitch from both sides with the zipper foot to get as close as possible. Also, one member stated :

I agree, it would make more sense for the instructions to tell you to understitch in advance of joining the two pieces at the shoulder seam. This isn’t the first pattern I’ve come across with this type of instruction.

This totally confirms my suspicion instruction wise. So what i will do is the get my blue friend Mr. Seamripper out, and undo the seam. I want to do this right! Which reminds me of this tutorial. This is what i would like to do on my next project. 🙂

IMG_1232 IMG_1234 IMG_1236 IMG_1237 IMG_1241 IMG_1247 IMG_1257 IMG_1265

  • update 13/02/2014

Even though i finished the dress two weeks ago, which i think is a major accomplishment for me, i just got around to asking my colleague to take some pics today. (thank you sweet colleague!) So here’s my review, first one ever like this, yey for me!! (Please ignore all language mistakes)

This pattern was designed and drafted by 3HoursPast inspired by an old Advance pattern. It is available as a download from Craftsy. The designer has made and worn the top herself so it is well tested.

Pattern Description: 
Kay Unger, 1183, Fitted, lined dress, above mid-knee length, has princess seams, midriff, straight skirt, back zipper, slit and topstitch trim.

Pattern Sizing:

  • The sizing indicated i needed a 16. I thought that would be to loose. I made a size 14, with a major FBA. That worked out fine.

Did it look like the photo/drawing on the pattern envelope once you were done sewing with it?

  • Hard to compare since we have such different body types, but yes, i’d like to think so.

Were the instructions easy to follow?

  • Yes, and i’m a beginner, so i guess that says a lot. I just have to read it word for word. Then again, i did need the help now and then of the pattern review community to keep me on track.

What did you particularly like or dislike about the pattern?

  • I love that i learned so much new techiniques sewing this dress. Topstitching, edge stitching, sewing a lining, really making the fit work before stitching it all together because vogue’s construction method would not let me adjust side seams. I also learned how to make a slit, and the lining with the slit, which i found intriguing like magic! I learned how to believe i my self and dare to cut the fabric after doing this whole FBA undertaking in paper. I learned how NOT to use interfacing and i sewed a self facing for the first time. Constructing the front midrif piece, just under the bust, was a big challenge, but i  pushed through. Making the two front pieces work was a puzzle. But what i learned most of all, due of the contest deadline, i actually finished it to the last stitch, instead of just thinking about finishing it 🙂

Fabric Used:

  • A medium weight woven, ivory knit with a very slight stretch.

Pattern alterations or any design changes you made:

  • FBA, SBA, i tacked the front closed. Shortened it.

Would you sew it again? Would you recommend it to others?

  • No, i will not because i have a whole row of new, fun patterns calling my name. But i had so much joy i would recommend it.


  • I like this formal look the dress has. Is it versatile enough to be the perfect Little White Dress? I don’t know. But it fits very nicely, it’s made very nicely. I’m so proud of myself and i love it!

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