ottobre 1/10 #14 girls coat

DSC_0109-2DSC_0111This coat is so cute and versatile. I first made it for my niece in a gold silky touch cotton, and bright red piping. The 2 weeks in the envelope from Holland to the states, of course didn’t do it any good i see. I should have made some pics of some detailing in the inside i’m actually very proud of, but the whole point is that it’s worn right?

Jasje ottobre 1:10Now i will make the same coat for my colleague’s 2 year old. First time sewing with a child’s fabric and pattern. I find it very inspiring. She just sent me a foto for the first fitting, no lining yet. Cutehe?! I will upload some pictures when it’s done.

Here’s the pattern:

And now for the (almost) finished product. Sorry for the upside downsiness of things, i’ll work that out, but not today. Only buttons and some minor tweaking like stitching the seam allowances together from the inside at the hem (bottom and sleeve). Or maybe i’ll decide to topstitch in the end which would save me the complete pain in the a** of turning the whole thing inside out again through a small whole i left in the arm lining. Also picking out the buttons. I’ll leave that up to the mom.

All in all, i’m pretty satisfied with the result. I loved working with such a fun pattern, learned a new way to finish the hem, i accidentally discovered a new way to attach the piping in a very precise manner with an edge stitch foot. And loved how the mom said her daughter didn’t want to take off the coat at the first fitting. The only thing i am unsure of is weather i should use a two-way sticky interfacing in those tiny upper corners next to the collar. What do you think?


IMG_1177 IMG_1176 IMG_1175 IMG_1174 IMG_1173 IMG_1172 IMG_1171


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