Phone pouch

At the beginning of each year we organise a get-together at work. Ten woman, home-made food, wine, games, laughs. Part of the tradition is that we pick a gift for a person in the team, accompanied by some nice words. The thing is that the gift can’t be store bought. It has to be something you already have lying around the house. Maybe an unused item you bought or got as a present at some point, or maybe a much loved loved item that is still in mint condition and needs a new home. However, it has be an item you KNOW the other person will love.

Of course the first thing that came to mind was: STASH! The colleague that i was supposed to get a present for had already dropped how lucky the person i’d have to get a present for was, because she’d probably get something sewn by me. Ha! And i knew she’ll get a new i-phone soon she’d need a pouch for. Pouch it is!

I found this GREAT tutorial.

I used a 30 year old napkin with flower from my grandmother, the top lining is a beautiful dark grey wool, a gift from an expensive shop around the corner, zip i ripped out of an old hand bag of my mother. The only thing i bought were thread and bottom lining.

Even though it’s slightly too wide, it was fun to make and i like how neat it turned out. Not bad no?


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