First ever project: Dubious Burda Skirt

So, the big day had arrived: It’s the 29th of september of 2013 – my first sewing lesson. I had already found and picked up an old Bernina and has started to fiddle around with it. I cut up some old coat and shirts to recycle and in my minds eye i was creating unique couture pieces with immaculate finish and stunning detail. Dresses, i always need more dresses. And i nice jacket. Surely that could be made out of the quality fabric of that huge old fashioned coat! So off i went on my bike, with great expectations and creative inspiration.

I was told by my sewing instructress i could flip through the piles of Burda, Knip, Knippe and Ottubre, and find a suitable pattern to start with. I think i probably picked something out like this: My instructress suggested it might be a tad difficult for a wanna be seamstress with absolutely no previous experience. She suggested a some thing easier, a skirt maybe. So after the first one i sellected also turned out to be in the category “too difficult”, i finally came up with this simple pattern from burda 4/2012 #122.

burda 4_2012-122 line drawing

I envisioned a nice sleek, grey fabric with a bright orange zipper at the back, inspired by a danish design look like this one:MADS NØRGAARD

it was only a week after commencing the adventurous sewing steps, that i read a comment about this very pattern on the loweryourpresserfoot blog saying “no fabric deserves a fate like this”. Too late. I had to bite through the sour apple, as we say here in Holland. I picked out really gorgeous fabric for 8euro’s and a very nicely matching stretch lining for only 1euro. Of course i learned A LOT, and i’m proud of the way i got the zipper in in the end with the help of this tutorial from Gretchen Hirsch.

However, the skirt is not wearable at all. First of all it turned out WAY to big. I have learned that patterns calculate ease. Yes, ease. And following the sizing chart doesn’t mean i end up with the right size for me. I made it smaller, of course, but the lining at the waist wants to peak out from under the fashion fabric. And since using elastic as a remedy would interfere with my design ideas, i’ll just leave it. Also, this being my first piece, the sewing and matching up pieces has not been meticulously accurate. Lesson learned.

I will upload some pics later to show the world my sewing disaster. However, what i also learned, is that i’d much rather sew something i early like, even if it turnes out to be slightly too challenging. I fell in love with the whole creative proces and can totally connect to the endless possibilities


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